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Message from the Executive Director.

UAPSS Is committed to Guiding, Providing, and Advancing Peer Support Services. To Promote and support all recovery throughout the state of Utah.

CPSS first came to Utah in 2010 and was trained by ACG a national recognized peer support organization who is credited for creating billable services as far back as 1999. Since becoming trained myself in 2011 I have never stopped teaming up with state and local recovery providers creating partnerships that last, and bridging gaps as the system comes together stronger and well suited to fit the needs of everyone.

My goal has always been centered on pushing Peer Support Services forward.

Today Utah has a strong CPSS recovery workforce and it has been my pleasure to not only help build that workforce create a sustainable future for so many peers and organizations along that path. UAPSS is the next step on that path.

UAPSS was founded to continue creating sustainable futures, not only for organizations but for the peer support workers as well. We are committed to you! starting today we offer...

  • CPSS self care events and preventable burnout opportunities for ALL locally trained Peer Support specialists

  • CEU opportunities

  • TA assistance to rebuild lives after crisis

  • Dual Recovery opportunities

  • WRAP groups

  • Recovery Dialogue

  • Integrated Care

  • Make your splatter matter artistic expression groups

Coming soon

  • Agency support and team building activities to create a healthier workplace

  • Justice involved Peer support Intercept models

  • Job listings

  • Practicum and apprenticeship opportunities for those not currently eligible


  • Currently looking for Grant writes or fund raising Individuals willing to help us grow.

  • Growth opportunities will come through your membership ideas on how we can best serve you. Please see the Possible ways UAPSS has potential to move around existing services in the picture listed or share other ideas with me anytime. Brian Neilson-

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